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2009 Supporters and Sponsors

($500 and up)

Ms. Robin Ashman
Dr. Phyllis Cohen
Mrs. Gail Gartenstein
Ms. Ilene Gartenstein
Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Marilyn Merone
Ms. Annette Mont
Ms. Lucette Runsdorf
Ms. Sara Schiff


Supporters ($250 - $499)

Mr. & Mrs. Brad & Jessica Berman
Ms. Maggie Brenner
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey & Barbara Cooper
Ms. Deborah Hirsch
Mr. & Mrs. Martin & Vicki Kulberg
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Malter In Honor of Gloria Malter
Dr. & Mrs. Leonard & Norma Minzer
Mr. & Mrs. Russ & Barbara O'Brien
Primary Land Services
Judge & Mrs. Edward & Sandy Rappaport

Contributors  ($100 - $249)

Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Susan Arluck
Mr. Carl Bagnini
Dr. Roanne Barnett
Dr. Beatrice Beebe
Bollinger Insurance (Mr. Bruce Tindal)
Ms. Maragaret Cohen
Mr. & Mrs. Bill & Jeanette Darvin
Mr. Stephen Doody and Ms. Eva Welchman In Honor of Maggie  Brenner
Dr. & Mrs. Michael & Betty Eigen
Mr. Gary Epstein
Ms. Myrna Greene
Ms. Debra Harris
Dr. & Mrs. James L. Kantor In Honor of Gail Gartenstein
Ms. Roberta Leibowitz
Ms. Rima Ogrin In Honor of Phyllis Cohen
Mr. Charlie Procaccini In Memory of H. Lombardo
Ms. Carole Pugliese
Drs. Abraham & Carole Ring In Memory of Jeanette Levitt
Ms. Barbara Rosenbaum
Dr. Norma Simon In Memory of Jeanette Levitt
Ms. Myrna Teischer
Ms. Mary Tirolo
Ms. Ellen Ziskind In Honor of Maggie Brenner

Friends  ($50 - $99)

Ms. Marcia Benowitz
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Berman
Ms. Susan Bolles
Ms. Roz Borenstein In Memory of Simone Borenstein
Ms. Jane Buckwalter
Ms. Kristy DelFausse
Ms. Dorothy Eisenberg
Dr. Muriel Frischer
Ms. Marlene Goldstein
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome & Josee Graybill In Memory of Fern Cohen
Ms. Leslie Sue Hersch
Dr.& Mrs. Steve & Janet Kaminsky
Ms. Myra Klahr
Ms. Diane Klurfeld
Ms. Lori Knipel
Mrs. Brenda Kramer In Memory of Mary George & Jerome Foxon
Mr. & Mrs. Leitner
Ms. Doris Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Andrea and Arthur Malter Lilling In Honor of Gloria Malter
Ms. Alice Ott
Dr. & Mrs. Mark & Paullete Pitman In Honor of Gail Gartenstein
Ms. Rita Reiswig
Ms.  Debra Schofel
Ms. Dee Simonson In Memory of Jeanette Levitt
Ms. Royanne Weiss


We apologize if we left anyone off the list.

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