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a 3 hour Continuing Education Course for Social Workers


Sunday February 4, 2018 10am-1pm

New Location!

Brooklyn Learning Center

147 Lincoln Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217  (between 6th and 7th Avenues)


Recent research has shown that some forms of attachment can be predicted from early interactions of infants and caregivers.  This workshop will review the effects of early traumatic stress on the infant's developing brain.

  • How is attachment measured and what are the implications for a child's life when there may be an insecure or disorganized attachment with a primary caregiver?

  • Why is it that despite the best intentions of many parents we may see interactions that are not optimum for their child's development?

  • Even if you are not working with young children, this workshop will give you an understanding of what's going on with the children you may be treating and even with adults and couples!


About the Instructor

Dr. Phyllis Cohen is the founder and director of the New York Institute for Psychotherapy Training in Infancy, Childhood and Adolescence (NYIPT), offering training, supervision and continuing education courses for social workers and other mental health workers.


Since 2012 Dr. Cohen has been a consultant at the New Alternatives for Children, where she directs the Building Blocks Project, a program that trains and supervises therapists to work dyadically with birth mothers and their young children in foster care.


Dr. Cohen co-authored The Mother-Infant Interaction Picture Book: The Origins of Attachment (Beebe, Cohen and Lachman, Norton Press, 2016). In addition to numerous professional papers, she has co-edited Healing after Parent Loss in Childhood and Adolescence: Therapeutic Interventions and Theoretical Considerations, (Cohen, Sossin and Ruth, Rowman and Littlefield, 2014), and Mothers, Infants and Young Children of September 11th: A Primary Prevention Project, (Beebe, Cohen, Sossin and Markese, Routledge, 2012).


Dr. Cohen teaches at NYU, Columbia, and other professional Institutes, and maintains a private practice in Brooklyn, working with adults, children and couples.


Price: $80.00 (includes certificate of completion for 3 CEU’s)


Refunds will be given for cancellations prior to January 28, 2018 for the February 4th workshop







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